Welcome to The Mental Health Association of Westchester County, Inc. Our mission is to promote mental health in Westchester County, New York, through advocacy, community education and direct services.

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Groups That Do Not Require Formal Appointment

The Mental Health Association of Westchester County
The Mental Health Association of Westchester County is an advocacy organization, which seeks to bring together all people who are interested in mental health--concerned citizens, professionals, recipients of mental health services, and family members.

To learn more about MHA of Westchester, please contact us at 914-345-0700.

NYAPRS, Clubhouses, and Peer Run Programs
The New York State Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (NYAPRS) represents psychiatric rehabilitation providers, including peer run programs as well as clubhouses and programs using other rehabilitation approaches. It welcomes people with psychiatric disabilities as well as professionals and paraprofessionals as both leaders and participants in mental health advocacy.

Joining a clubhouse or a peer run program is a good route to active advocacy.

For information call NYAPRS at 518-436-0008

NAMI-Westchester represents families of people with mental illnesses. It is affiliated with the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill (NAMI). It welcomes participants who are diagnosed with mental illnesses as well as family members.

For information call NAMI-Westchester at 914-592-5458.

Mental Health Consumer Advocacy Organizations
There are several advocacy groups in Westchester, which are led by people with a history of serious mental illnesses. Two such groups are:

420 North Ave.
New Rochelle, NY 1801

Westchester Consumer Empowerment Center
612 Main Street
New Rochelle, NY 10801

Westchester Independent Living Center
Independent Living Centers (ILCs) are organizations, which exist in order to help people with either physical or mental disabilities or both to live independently in the community. All ILCs provide peer advocacy services and some provide other services as well. In Westchester contact:

Westchester Independent Living Center
200 Hamilton Ave.
White Plains, NY 10601

Groups In Westchester and New York State That Require Formal Appointment

The Westchester County Community Services Board
Under New York State law, every locality must have a Community Services Board, which reviews local plans and advises the local director of community mental health services. Community Services Boards have three subcommittees--the mental health subcommittee, the mental retardation subcommittee, and the alcoholism and substance abuse subcommittee. In Westchester County, there are 14 members of the Community Services Board who are appointed by the County Executive with the approval of the County Board of Legislators, and one member who is appointed by the Chairman of the Board of Legislators. These members make recommendations to the Commissioner of Mental Health on important issues concerning existing services and the development of new programs to meet current and anticipated needs.

For further information call WDCMH at 914-995-5220

The NYS Mental Health Planning Advisory Committee (MHPAC)
The NYS Mental Health Planning Advisory Committee was established to comply with federal requirements that each state develop and update plans for mental services for adults with serious mental illnesses. In NYS the MHPAC also relates to other populations. The NYS Commissioner of Mental Health appoints members.

For information call: NYS OMH Bureau of Design and Planning at 518-473-7161.

The NYS Mental Health Services Council
New York State law requires that there be a Mental Health Services Council, which reviews fiscal, regulatory, and new program proposals and makes recommendations to the Commissioner of Mental Health. Members are appointed by the Governor and by the Senate.

For information call OMH's Director of Intergovernmental Relations at 518-474-4403.

State Psychiatric Centers
All State psychiatric centers have Boards of Visitors, which oversee the operations of state facilities, and most also have Family and Consumer Advisory Committees. The Governor appoints Boards of Visitors. The facility directors appoint advisory committees. For further information call the psychiatric center in which you are interested.

The primary state facilities serving residents of Westchester County are:

Rockland State Psychiatric Center

Rockland State Children’s Psychiatric Center

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