Men's Mental Health: Community Conversation
Men's Mental Health

At a time when record numbers of people report experiencing an increase in depression and/or anxiety, it is more important than ever to create meaningful conversations around mental health issues, including its impact on men.

For many men, societal expectations and stigma can make it more difficult to open up about their mental health. The prevalence of mental health concerns in men is cited as lower than the prevalence in women, and men are less likely to seek treatment for a mental health condition.  However, men die by suicide and alcohol-related causes at a higher rate than women and are more likely to misuse drugs compared to women. By creating opportunities to have open conversations about mental health, we can help to break down barriers and encourage others to seek the help they need. 



In a virtual community conversation, we heard from a panel of men who shared their experiences dealing with mental health challenges in their own lives, including the impact of stigma, environment and cultural factors.