MHA CEO Charlotte Ostman Joins City and State Summit

2021 Virtual Healthy NY Summit Presented by City and State New York

How Affordable Care, Disease & Addiction and Mental Health Impact New York’s Health Care Policies

Thursday, April 15, 1:00 pm - 4:10 pm

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Charlotte Ostman, LCSW-R, MHA CEO on the Prevention and Protection for All New Yorkers panel

With the change in the Federal administration, Cuomo was optimistic about the future of the pandemic although the number of illnesses and deaths continued to grow with the holiday surge, more and more people suffered from loneliness and depression, and vaccinations did not happen as quickly as expected.  Through it all, many organizations showed remarkable compassion, empathy and true leadership for the safety and wellness of New Yorkers.  How can companies and individuals continue to play a role in NY’s health system and what will be needed to rebuild our city? How can organizations step up support especially in terms of mental health and assisting our most vulnerable populations?