MHA Launches INSET
New Service Announced

INSET-Intensive and Sustained Engagement Team is a new program that assists individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, have experienced multiple hospitalizations, and/or have a history of incarceration or substance abuse.

INSET offers integrated peer and professional services to provide rapid, intensive, flexible and sustained interventions to those for whom prior programs of care and support have been ineffective.

The primary goal of INSET is to engage individuals in trauma and peer-informed, person-centered services to support them in moving forward toward their life goals while receiving desired and needed professional and peer support. The INSET team, which focuses on providing mobile support by meeting people in the community in a location that they choose, offers services and referrals where and when they are needed.

A unique aspect of INSET is its focus on establishing and strengthening networks of support--including family members, friends, and larger social networks--so that these individuals also receive support during periods of crisis, increasing the likelihood that participants can remain safely in their natural environment with intensive wrap around supports and services to lessen the probability of a hospital stay.