Virtual Community Conversation: Priming Ourselves for Personal Growth Through Adversity
Priming Ourselves for Personal Growth Through Adversity

Many of us are experiencing unprecedented hardships as a result of this pandemic. Our short-term focus may be on getting through the day and the losses we are experiencing, but we would like to also turn our attention to the long-term possibility of growth as a result of adversity. 

During our second virtual Community Conversation event, we explored the concept of Post Traumatic Growth and the steps we can take to set ourselves up for future growth. 

Post Traumatic Growth is a positive change experienced as a result of adversity. It involves shifts in how one thinks about and relates to the world, which leads to a process of change that is deeply meaningful. Learning from others' experiences, we can expect Post Traumatic Growth to be a possibility in our own lives.

Jenna Velez, LCSW, MHA's Vice-President of External Affairs, was joined by Jeanette Fairhurst, MHA Board Member and Founder of Resilience Is Essential (RIsE), an employee interest group at Regeneron, and Ginger MacLeod, MHA Peer Specialist.

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